Our accommodation is like a 5 star hotel for your pet in Tamworth

It’s all fun and games at Precious Pets

Precious Pets is here to provide a wonderful time for your precious pet!

Our staff are animals lovers and truly love what they do. They can't wait to meet your pet today!

We provide a comfortable stay for your dog or cat; check out our facilities for yourself today. Each kennel has an individual grassed run so your dog can enjoy exercise any time they want. Our cattery includes separate 3 storey cat suites and includes comfortable areas for your cat to snuggle and hide away.

If you are often travelling for work and need to make last minute arrangements, for your convenience we offer a pick up and drop off service.
If you don't have time to drive out to our Tamworth location, we can come to you and provide safe transport for your animal to our cattery or kennel.

Having your animal stay at Precious Pets is a no fuss process. Simply call us, let us know how long your animal needs to stay and we can take care of the rest. All your animal needs is a current vaccination certificate for the safety of the other animals. To make a booking speak with us in Tamworth today.